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How do you plant trees?

We have been working on a very exciting updated tree planting program to plant trees right here in our home country of Australia. This change means that we will now plant native Australian species that will contribute to restoring essential wildlife corridors and also help restore the connection to the land for the rightful and traditional owners. We will continue to contribute to our on-going partnership with in the USA.

With this development in our Australian business comes a change to the cost structure, as we continue to donate 2% of our revenue, the cost of planting trees in a new location becomes greater. You will notice our messaging transition from ’One Hat Sold, Ten Trees Planted’ to ‘Every hat plants a tree’, as we work towards finalising our new program.

You may continue to see our ‘One Hat, Ten Trees’ messaging on printed items such as our packaging for some time yet, in a bid not to create waste we will slowly make this transition across our business.

We appreciate the on-going support and patience from our entire community and can’t wait to take you all on our new journey.

We proudly work with our global impact partner, Trees for the Future who operate in Senegal, Africa. Trees for the Future have over 30 years of experience planting trees across the globe.

Local community members in Senegal enter a 4 year training program to turn degraded land into a fertile Forest Garden. This focus on training creates a sustainable, balanced ecosystem that helps the new forest to grow and delivers a local, organic food supply chain. Community members are then able to provide food to their family, and sell produce to earn a living, breaking the cycle of generational poverty and rebuilding food systems.

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