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3 Best Ways to Travel With Your Hat

A hat is an essential item for any trip but you’re wondering how to bring your favorite hat along without a hassle? This article provides you with 3 of the best solutions for traveling with your hat as well as our favourite method.

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Hat Carry: 3 Best Methods

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Hat Carry: 3 Best Methods

1. Carry Clips

First up, Carry Clips! We designed these in 2016 and vers since they have been a gam changer for hat wearers on the go. These handy clips let you secure your hat to almost any bag - whether it’s your backpack, beach bag, or carry on suitcase. They even make it easy to store you hat at home in the car away from damage.

Made from durable leather and brass they are perfect for all wide brim hat types. Whether it's a soft floppy brim or a stiff flat brim – even cowboy hats! You can carry up to 3-4 hats at once, making it ideal for family trips.

2. Crushable Hats

Next, we have Crushable Hats. These hats are designed to bounce back to their original shape after being squished or folded. 

Made from flexible materials like wool felt, straw, or cotton, they’re perfect for traveler’s who need to pack light.

These are great for small bags like back packs or beach bags. But even the Most flexible cotton bucket hat will often require an iron on the you reach your destination.

3. Packing Your Hat in Your Luggage

Lastly, let’s talk about Packing Your Hat in your Suitcase. Using your clothes to support you hat, you can pack your favourite felt hat in your carry-on and keep it in top shape. 
This method works best if you have a large enough bag like a carry on suitcase to accommodate the brim. It also pretty dress free if you packed it right.

It’s not suitable for smaller bags like backpacks or we find it hard to keep a stiff wide brim in shape.

Our Favourite Method?

So, which method should you choose? Well, all three are great, but we reckon carry clips are the way to go. They keep your hat visible and easily accessible throughout your journey, prevent suitcase squashes, and overall a more controlled journey ofor better protection. Plus, they don’t take up any suitcase space!

In Summary

Traveling with your hat is a breeze with three methods: Carry Clips, Crushable Hats, and Packing Your Hat. Carry Clips, introduced in 2016, securely attach your hat to your backpack, car, or wall, carrying up to 3-4 hats of any style. Crushable Hats, made from flexible materials like wool felt, straw, or cotton, pack easily without permanent creases. Packing your hat in a suitcase with clothes for support keeps it in shape. While all methods work well, Carry Clips offer the best visibility, protection, and convenience. Happy travels, and remember, every hat you buy plants a tree, helping the environment!

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