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Rod Trevino's picture perfect trip around Utah

Rod Trevino's picture perfect trip around Utah

Rod Trevino @rodtrvn is an adventure photographer that captures the beauty of the world around him as he travels with his partner Blanca and their dog in a 4x4 camper. Recently they took their camper out on a short road trip around Utah. Having planned to be out for only two weeks, they ended up having so much fun that they decided to extend their trip a little longer.
Rod shares with us some of the stunning scenes and experiences they had while out on the road.
Rod and Blanca sitting on the steps of their camper parked in Utah

Rod and Blanca keeping warm in our Doc Fawn and Andy Oak

A close up of Rod's dog wearing a wide brim hat

How long did you travel for?

My partner Blanca and I traveled through Utah for about 3 weeks. The camper provided all the necessities of a home while still enjoying the great outdoors.

Do you have a favorite memory from your trip?

My favorite memory was waking up to the sun beaming through the window. I grabbed a cup of coffee and went outside to experience an epic sunrise. I sat down on a rock while our dogs roamed around. At this exact moment, I felt complete peace and freedom.

Blanca standing in the middle of a large salt field

Woman with log black hair wearing a wide brim hat out in the Utah desert

What were your favorite spots on your trip to Utah?

Utah has many great spots but if I have to pick one favorite. It would have to be Zion national park. The massive landscape makes anyone feel small as you wander through the park. It provides some of the most epic views in the state of Utah.

Is there anything you'd do differently if you went back again?

One would think that 3 weeks is enough time but I'd probably stay longer if I went back again. There's so much to see in the wonderful state of Utah.

Rod riding a horse through the Utah desert

Woodley Moss is the perfect sun hat for desert adventures

Blanca standing up at a fence and looking face to face with a white horse in the Utah desert

Blanca stands in the middle of a long desert road looking at the mountains in the distance

What locations did you visit while in Utah?

I went all over the place. Monument Valley, Hanksville, Moab, Salt lake, Zion and everywhere else in between.

Aerial photo of Blanca walking past their camper van in the middle of a salt flat

A person holds a wide brim wool hat out the window while driving down a long winding road in the middle of the Utah desert

We're absolutely obsessed with Rod & Blanca's photos and hope you love them too. 

Excuse us while we plan our next trip to Utah!

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