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Camping in the country with Cooper — @wiajayya_

Camping in the country with Cooper — @wiajayya_

The beautiful Jay from @wijayya_ took Cooper on a camping adventure with his partner Jayla, in Moogerah, 
just west of the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.

The thought of packing up for the weekend and heading on a romantic camping trip, believe it or not, makes us feel all the feels and we're already thinking about where to next this Summer.

These two lovers and their timeless style is forever inspiring us on our next adventure.

Jay and Jayla next to a vintage ute

Tell us where you travelled to to shoot the Cooper?

We traveled from Gold Coast to Moogerah, roughly 1.5hr journey.

Where did you stay?

We stayed at Moogerah Camping area.

Jayla standing in a field with cows behind her

How long were you on the road?

We were on the road for 3 days and 2 nights.

What was your favorite part about the adventure?

The camping itself, falling asleep to the sound of our crackling campfire and the water gently lapping the shore. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being woken up by the sounds of nature.

Jayla standing in the middle of a lake holding a vintage lantern
Jayla walking in a wide brim hat while holding a vintage lamp

What did you do in your downtime when you weren't shooting?

We love channeling our creativity apart from shooting, from drawing to singing or just simply unwind and letting the days go by.

What is your favorite thing about the Cooper?

Timeless design with exceptional quality ensuring comfortable all-day wear that makes it a must-have for traveling.

A close up photo of Jayla holding a sunflower in front of her face

Which colorway is your go-to and why?

This is a very tough question as both Cooper are simply beautiful, but if I have to pick one, I’d go with the coffee colorway, it simply speaks to my soul.

How do you style the Cooper?

Since the look of the Cooper has a vintage touch, it makes sense to pair it with similarly classic clothes. Think about an earthy toned shirt, dress, overall, anything really! I personally love the combination of linen and corduroy, they are such a perfect marriage for timeless vintage inspired looks.

Jay and Jayla sitting in front of their tent reading a book and playing guitar in Moogerah

What is your dream adventure in the Cooper?

For my absolute dream adventure I have decided to travel to the whole of Europe, right into the country side, exploring the rural wonders speckled with picturesque fields, bountiful farmlands and sweet serenity.

Jay holding a vintage map while looking through a vintage telescope

Where are you off to next with Cooper?

We're off to New Zealand, so excited!

Jay and Jayla in front of their tent next to Lake Moogerah
We can't wait to see what Jay gets up to next in his Cooper!
Follow him on his Instagram page  @wijayya_ to see more of his beautifully captured adventures.
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