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Captains Rest | Tasmania | Will & Bear x Blundstone

Captains Rest | Tasmania | Will & Bear x Blundstone

Captains Rest  @captainsrest is a special spot for two. From the bed, you look out the antique windows to the old jetty atop still water. Start the morning with an (unlimited hot water) bath then get the fire going and turn the pages of a good book. She's cozy with everything we need to luxuriate, and the Nectre wood stove keeps you cozy.

Location: Strahan, Tasmania
Features: 1 bedroom / 1 bath / sleeps 2

Exterior of Captains Rest cottageLauren and Alex standing on a jetty wearing wide brim wool hats Lauren sitting inside Captains Rest taking a photo through the window

House features:

  • Indoor fireplace
  • Bath tub
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • 3 nooks perfect for reading or relaxing
  • Desk / work area
Alex smiling and standing in front of the oceanA woman feeding ducks on the deck of Captains Rest cabin A woman wearing a wide brim hat is running up a sand dune

Things to do:

Don’t leave! We strongly suggest bunkering down, reading a book, bathing and enjoying the best sunrise and sunsets views from the comfort of your lush accom. If you do feel like a bit of an adventure, Henty Dunes are just around the corner, and let us tell you, they’re pretty damn special. Spend as long as you want climbing up the dunes and exploring. Sunset is the perfect time to go.

Alex wearing Andy Auburn wide brim wool hat
Andy Auburn is the perfect sun hat for your stay at Captains Rest.
Two people running along the beach in Strahan, Tasmania A hat on a wall of the inside of a rustic cabin





"She's cozy with everything we need to luxuriate, and the Nectre wood stove keeps you cozy."

— Lauren Williams





Jetty in Strahan, Tasmania
Woman wearing a wide brim wool hat sitting inside a cabin at Captains Rest

Andy Cream is a great option if you prefer a sun hat in a lighter color.

Taking a photo of the sunset at Captains Rest in Tasmania

Head to @captainsrest's Instagram page to find out how you can book your stay!

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