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Cooper Adventures in Western Australia with Tiara Mea — @wildheart__wanderer

Cooper Adventures in Western Australia with Tiara Mea — @wildheart__wanderer

Our favorite thing is to watch you adventure in our hats, watching where they go excites us more than ever.

One of Cooper's first adventures was down the Southwest of South Australia in a caravan with the beautiful Tiara from @wildheart__wanderer and her little family.

Rock pools, white sandy beaches and crystal blue water are just a few of the wonderful things this fam got to explore while they were on the road with Cooper.

A woman stands in the middle of a misty field wearing a wide brim hat

Tell us where you travelled to to shoot the Cooper?

We live in the southwest of Western Australia. We went on many adventures down the coast and explored some local hidden gems. Margaret river, Dunsborough and Denmark were our favourite places to park up the caravan. Nothing beats the white sand, scattered rock-pools, pristine water and amazing surf!
The back of a woman's head as she looks towards the view of the lake in front of her

What was your favorite part about the adventure?

We are a very spontaneous family. My favorite part is connecting in nature with my tribe without the devices and distractions. We tend to appreciate the simple things when we travel. Like how clear the sky is to watch the stars, the vibrant sunsets, watching the moon rise over the ocean and exploring new places. Even waking up with a hot chocolate and the kids all crammed into our queen bed. It’s a vibe.

Tiara Mea standing on top of some rock pools

Where did you stay?

We usually park up at the beach for the day then find a free roadside camp at night.

How long were you on the road?

We usually travel all winter, then do our photography job during summer. In summer we do a lot of weekend getaways and camping trips.

Tiara sitting on the beach looking at the ocean

What did you do in your downtime when you weren't shooting?

I love the ocean! So snorkelling, fishing, exploring new rock pools. Hanging out with the kiddies.

A photo of the back of Tiara as she walks on the beach

What is your favorite thing about the Cooper?

Cooper goes with every outfit! You could wear it to a wedding or on any adventure. It’s so stylish.

Which colorway is your go-to and why?

I love the Cooper Coffee. Dark colours are the best when you have kids and travel.

A woman holds up her wide brim hat above her head

How do you style the Cooper?

I wear allot of neutral colours, and denim! My go to outfit would be overalls and a brown cooper. Maybe a set of cute sunnies and converse.

A woman walks along the top of sand dunes holding on to her wide brim hat

What is your dream adventure in the Cooper?

I would love to travel to Italy, Morocco or the Greek islands. Every photographers dream.

A close up of a woman with short hear wearing glasses and a wide brim wool hat

Where are you off to next in the Cooper? I have just moved interstate to the tropical FNQ  Far North Queensland ! So there will be lots of island skipping in the Whitsundays, waterfall adventures near Cairns and then I’m going to New Zealand in July.

A view from the top of a woman wearing a wide brim hat sitting down on the sand at the beach
Follow the rest of Tiara and her families travels on her Instagram page @wildheart__wanderer

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