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Attach your hat to backpack with clips

Intro to Hat Carry Clips & How To Use Them

Hat carry clips were a game changer for hat lovers on the go when we introduced them in 2016. These hat clips allow you to mount your hat safe from damage and are suitable for carrying all hat styles from felt cowboy hats to caps. I’ll run you through how to attach 3 felt wide brim hats to your favourite back pack.

 Your Hats
Your Backpack or Luggage
Carry Clips (Come in pack of 2)
What you will need: Hat Carry Clips, Back Pack, Hat

Watch Guide

Carry 3 Hats Easily With Carry Clips

Watch Guide

Carry 3 Hats Easily With Carry Clips

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Step by Step

Step 1: Attach First Clip to Bag

To get started, attach the first carry clip to the top straps of your backpack. Depending on the height of your bag you can control the length of the clips by looping them back on themselves.

Step 2: Clip Your First Hat

Next, mount your hat by clasping onto the hat's brim edge. For flat bags like carry on case this might be secure enough in this case I will show you how to secure the bottom with your second clip. 

Step 3: Use Second Clip to Secure the Bottom

Flip down the hat's sweatband and attach the second clip to its edge, then loop the other end around the bottom of your backpack's shoulder strap and clip it back on itself. This makes it easier to navigate through tight spaces without damage like airport check-in.

Step 4: Nest Additional Hats

If you're carrying multiple hats, stack them from largest to smallest. Detach the bottom clip and nest the hats inside and secure. You can comfortably carry upto 4 hats with this method.

And just like that, you're ready to take your hats wherever you go, worry-free.

In Summary

Hat carry clips have been a game-changer for hat lovers on the go since we introduced them in 2016. These handy clips protect your hats from damage and make it easy to carry any hat style, from felt cowboy hats to caps. By following the simple steps outlined, you can securely attach up to three felt wide-brim hats to your favorite backpack, ensuring they stay in perfect shape even during travel. With these clips, navigating tight spaces like airport check-ins is a breeze, and your hats remain safe and sound. Now, you can take your hats wherever you go, worry-free and with ease.