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Using steam on hat to loosen wool felt

How to Loosen a Stiff Felt Hat

It's common for stiff felt hat styles like Andy to feel tight when you first try them on. But with time your hat will naturally loosen & mold to the unique contours your head. In this video I’m going to show you how to loosen up a new hat to achieve that contoured fit from the day you get it.

What you will need:

Your New Hat
Your Head
Steam from Kettle or Iron
Top down image of an iron, a head and a hat

Ultimate Hat Guide

Loosen a Stiff Felt Hat

Ultimate Hat Guide

Loosen a Stiff Felt Hat

Step by Step

Step 1: Try Your Hat On

First things first, pop on your new hat. Wear it for a few minutes to identify any uncomfortable spots; typically, these might be at the front and back of the hat.

Step 2: Determine the Pressure Points

While you hat is on use your index finger to see where its loose ie back to front or side to side.

Step 3: Massage the Base of the Crown

Now, let's address those pressure points. Focus on the felt areas right behind the sweatband where you feel the tightness. Gently massage these areas to soften the wool. This helps in easing the fit while keeping the rest of the hat in good shape.

Step 4: Try On Your Hat Again

After massaging the initial tight spots, try the hat on again.

If it still feels tight, you can use the same technique to work your way around the crown. If this doesn't do the trick, it’s time to bring in some steam.

Step 5: Apply Steam Around the Base of the Crown

Using a kettle or an iron, carefully apply steam around the entire base of the crown.

Step 6: Place on Your Head While Warm

Quickly place it on your head. The warmth will help mold the hat to the contours of your head.

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In Summary

And there you have it—loosening up your new stiff felt hat like the Andy is a breeze with a few simple steps. Initially, your hat might feel tight, but with time, it will naturally mold to the contours of your head. By wearing it, identifying pressure points, gently massaging those areas, and using steam, you can achieve a comfortable, custom fit right from day one. Now, your hat will feel like it was made just for you, ready for any adventure. Enjoy your perfectly fitting hat!