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How-to Pack Your Hat in Your Luggage

How-to Pack Your Hat in Your Luggage

Planning a trip and want to bring your favorite felt hat along without worrying about it getting crushed? No worries! We're here to show you how to pack your hat in your luggage to keep it in perfect shape throughout your journey and ensuring your hat arrives at your destination looking as good as when you packed it!

What You'll Need:

Your Hat
Carry-on Case
Carry on suitecase, clothes, and hat shot from above

Watch Full Guide

Pack Your Hat in Your Carry-on

Watch Full Guide

Pack Your Hat in Your Carry-on

Step by Step

Step 1: Choose the Right Case

First up, let’s choose the right case. It’s important that your luggage is wide enough to fit the hats brim and deep enough to accommodate its crown. In this case this hat fits in my carry on.

Step 2: Pack for the Crown

Start by packing larger items like sweaters or trousers around the outside of the case. Leave enough room in the middle for the crown of your hat.

Step 3: Insert your Hat in Between the Clothes

 Insert your hat crown in between the clothes.

Remember, this method isn’t suitable for our stiff flat brim styles—for those consider using a Carry Clips on the outside of your bag instead.

Step 4: Pack Samll Items Inside the Hat

Next, take smaller items like t-shirts or underwear and gently pack them inside the crown of the hat. This helps maintain the hat's crown shape.

Step 5: Remove From Luggage at Your Destination

Once you arrive at your destination, promptly remove your hat from the suitcase and rest it on a flat surface to let it regain its proper form. If you find your hat out of shape just apply a little steam.

And there you have it—your hat is safe and sound after your long journey.

In Summary

And there you have it—packing your favorite felt hat for travel is easy and ensures it stays in top shape throughout your journey. By carefully choosing the right luggage, packing larger items around the hat, and filling the crown with smaller items, you can protect your hat from damage. Remember to unpack it promptly and let it rest on a flat surface at your destination. If needed, a little steam can help restore its shape. With these tips, your hat will look as good as new, ready for all your adventures. Safe travels!

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