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Inserting hat fillers into hat sweatband

How-to Use Hat Fillers to Make Your Hat Smaller

Struggling to get that perfect fit for your hat? Hat fillers are here to save the day! Whether you're in between sizes or just need a snugger fit, I'll show you how to use them to achieve a custom fit.

What you'll need:

Your Head
Hat Fillers (Comes in pack of 2)
Your Hat
Top down view of a head, hat, hat fillers and scissors

Ultimate Hat Guide

Make Your Hat Smaller with Hat Fillers

Ultimate Hat Guide

Make Your Hat Smaller with Hat Fillers

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Step by Step

Step 1: Try Your Hat On

Make sure you have your hair out when you try it on this will affect the sizing.

Step 2: Determine Where Its Loose

While you hat is on use your index finger to see where its loose ie back to front or side to side.

Step 3: Adjust Down 1/2 a Size

Simply position them under the sweatband where you see it needs some adjustment. Don't peel the adhesive backing just yet.

Step 4: Try On Your Hat Again

Flip the sweatband back to its original position and try on the hat. If it feels good then you can got to step seven. If its too tight try one filler only.

Step 5: Cut the Hat Fillers in Half

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Step 6: Adjust Down a Full Size

If you need more adjustment, take the two hat fillers and cut them it in half. Now, you’ll have two halves to work with.

Step 7: Secure It In Place

Remove the adhesive backing and press the filler firmly inside the brim of your hat, ensuring it sticks well

In Summary

And there you have it—a simple and effective way to achieve a custom fit for your hat using hat fillers. Whether you're in between sizes or just need a bit more snugness, these fillers are perfect for fine-tuning your hat's fit. After identifying where extra support is needed, place the fillers under the sweatband, adjusting as necessary. Once you've achieved the perfect fit, secure the fillers in place, and your hat will be snug and comfortable, ready for any adventure. Enjoy your perfectly fitting hat and happy travels!