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How-to Use Your Adjustable Sweatband

How-to Use Your Adjustable Sweatband

An adjustable sweatband is a handy feature inside a hat that allows for a customizable fit by taking you hat down almost a full size. It has an elastic to give it some give so it hug you head nice. Let’s run through adjusting yours to give you a customised fit.

What you'll need:

Your Head
Your Hat (Fitted with and Adjustable Sweatband)
Studio shot of a hat with and adjustable sweatband and a head

Ultimate Hat Guide

Size Down With An Adjustable Sweatband

Ultimate Hat Guide

Size Down With An Adjustable Sweatband

Step by Step

Step 1: Try Your Hat On

First, try your hat on to see how it feels. It should be snug but not tight. If it feels a bit loose, you’ll want to adjust the sweatband.

Step 2: Locate the Elastic Tab

Locate the elastic tab tucked under the sweatband. Gently peel the Velcro away from its starting position—but don't pull it out completely. We will slowly reduce the size bit by bit.

Step 3: Adjust Down 1/2 a Size

Now, secure the tab 1/4 to half way up the velcro strip to take you hat down approximately 1/2 a size.

Step 4: Even Out Sweatband

Once adjusted, run your hand around the sweatband to smooth it out and ensure even tension all around.

Step 5: Adjust Further if Needed

Try the hat on again. If it still feels loose, move the tab further up the Velcro strip to tighten the hat by almost a full size.

If you want to fine tune your fit consider using hat fillers.

In Summary

An adjustable sweatband is a great feature for achieving a personalized hat fit. To size down, try on your hat to check its fit—snug but not tight is ideal. If it's loose, locate the elastic tab under the sweatband, gently peel the Velcro, and secure the tab 1/4 to halfway up the strip to reduce the size by about half. Smooth the sweatband to ensure even tension, then try the hat on again. For further adjustment, move the tab up the strip to tighten the fit by nearly a full size. For fine-tuning, hat fillers can help. Now, enjoy your perfectly fitting hat!

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