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Hands taking a head measurement in studio with hat measuring tape

Measure Your Head Size for the Best Fitting Hat

Ready to find the perfect fitting hat? Let’s get started with a simple head measurement. Whether you have a soft measuring tape handy or need to make one at home with our free head measuring tape download, we've got you covered. With just a few tools and some easy steps, you’ll be well on your way to finding that ideal hat size.

What you will need:

If you have your own soft measuring tape or tailors tape you can jump ahead. Other wise to make one at home you will need:

A4 or Letter Size Printer
A Ruler
Sticky Tape
Top down view of items to make a tape measure at home

Ultimate Hat Guide

Measure Your Head

Ultimate Hat Guide

Measure Your Head

Download free measuring tape

Don't have a tailors tape? Print one at home.

Select the right size printer. Can be done on any home printer. Please select the right size for you printer. Instructions are on sheet.

Step by Step

Step 1: Make Your Soft Measuring Tape

If you have your own soft measuring tape great you can jump ahead to step 2. Otherwise let’s make one at home. For this You will need:

  • Download & Print the tape measure PDF
  • Check the scale against your ruler
  • Cut out the 2 sections
  • Tape them together at the marks.

Step 2: Measure Just Above Your Eyebrow Line

Now It’s time to measure your head. If you on your own a mirror will help.

Position the tape measure about an inch or 25mm above your eyebrows and make sure you leave your hair out as this will add to the size.

Step 3: Consult the Size Guide

Looks like this measurement is just under 58 centimetres, or 23 1/8 inches. Next we will choose the right size hat. Check the size guide on our product page for specific fit information of the style.

For this example, 58 cm is in between sizes Medium and Large of Calloway. Based on the size guide I am going to size up and choose a large.  I will also add hat fillers to adjust down as needed. Hat fillers allow you adjust your hat size down by uptown a full size Some styles even have size adjustable sweatbands for a perfect fit.

Measuring In Between Sizes?

It's common to measure in between sizes. In this case please consult your size chart on the product page to determine whether to size up or down. Different styles have different fits based on the softness of the material. Although it is possible to loosen a stiff hat to help it fit better, it's most common to purchase the size above and adjust down with these methods below.

Hat Fillers

if your hat does not come with an adjustable sweatband these help you size down easily and in the areas unique to your head shape.

Adjustable Sweatbands

Only available on elected styles these are built into the sweatbands. Fully adjusted they will take you hat down a full size.

In Summary

And there you have it! With just a few simple steps and some easy-to-find materials, you can accurately measure your head size to ensure a perfect hat fit. Whether you use a ready-made soft measuring tape or craft your own at home, the key is to get an accurate measurement about an inch above your eyebrows. Then, refer to the size guide on our product page to choose the right size, and consider using hat fillers or adjustable sweatbands for the perfect fit. Now you’re ready to rock your new hat with confidence! Happy hat shopping!

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