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hat being folded to pack in backpack

Ultimate Guide to Crushable Hats

Welcome to our guide on crushable hats and the best ways to pack them for your travels. Let's dive in.

What are crushable hats?

A crushable hat refers to a type of hat designed to retain its shape even after being compressed or folded. These hats are typically made from materials that are flexible and resilient, such as certain types of wool felt, straw, or cotton. Crushable hats are ideal for travellers or people on the go because they can be easily packed into luggage or bags without the worry of permanent creasing or damage.

crushable hats on studio background

What styles are packable

Within our signature felt hat range, the packability depends on the softness rating of the style. We categorize them into three tiers of stiffness: soft, semi-soft, and rigid. For example, our 'William' is super soft and highly packable, 'Calloway' is semi-soft with a flexible brim but a stiffer crown, and 'Andy' is rigid, known for its wide, flat brim and taller crown which needs stiffness to maintain its shape. We recommend packing only the soft crafted styles; for others we recommend carry clip method which we have a guide on as well.

Soft wool felt hat William being crushed

We also offer other types of packable hats like traditional cut and sew buckets, wool beanies, and premium crochet straw hats.

Ultimate Hat Guide

Make Your Hat Smaller with Hat Fillers

Ultimate Hat Guide

Make Your Hat Smaller with Hat Fillers

Methods For Packing

Method 1: Rolling Your Hat

This is best for straw buckets. Simply flatten the hat, roll it from the edge, and tuck it into your bag.

Method 2: Folding Your Hat

Folding. Ideal for wool felt hats to maintain their unique shape. Fold the hat flat if there’s enough space, or fold it once more for tighter spots.

Upon reaching your destination, unpack your hat and let it rest on a flat surface. Apply steam if necessary to help it regain its shape.

In Summary

Crushable hats, made from materials like wool felt, straw, or cotton, retain their shape after being compressed. We explored packable styles from our signature felt hat range: the soft and packable 'William', the semi-soft 'Calloway', and the rigid 'Andy'. For rigid styles, we recommend using carry clips. Additionally, traditional bucket hats, wool beanies, and premium crochet straw hats are excellent for packing. Use rolling for straw buckets and folding for wool felt hats. Upon arrival, unpack and rest your hat on a flat surface, applying steam if needed to restore its shape. Safe travels with your favorite hats!

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