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We're an Aussie mission-driven hat label, led by creatives. We design & craft quality headwear from sustainable, regenerative materials for all of life's adventures.

Meet the Founders

Lauren Williams

Our Chief Will

Known as Will, Lauren's main passions are community and nature. Seamlessly bringing these two elements together through her work with Will & Bear, fostering a brand that values both environmental impact and strong community connections.

Alex Knorr

Our Chief Creative Bear

Alex is the lead designer, photographer, and storyteller at Will & Bear. With a passion for innovation, Alex plays a crucial role in driving our mission of responsible business. His creative vision and dedication to sustainability help us craft beautiful products while making a positive impact on the environment.

Snow-covered peaks bathed in warm light, evoking the calm of winter.

Our Mission

Learn more about why we exist, our impact, and future plans for a greener planet

Our community

A world-wide collective of story-tellers, photographers and creatives

Our Process

We design and develop our hats using naturally regenerative materials like wool the fashion industry doesn't use.

“Will & Bear focus on short low-quality fibres that the fashion industry doesn't use”