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Snow-covered peaks bathed in warm light, evoking the calm of winter.

Our Mission

At Will & Bear, our mission is to drive cultural transformation. We aim to create timeless products crafted from natural and regenerative materials, contributing to the healing of the earth. We foster a community where everyone has the opportunity to embrace an outdoor lifestyle and flourish in their chosen creative pursuits. Embedded in our company constitution, we pledge to always give back a minimum of 2% of our sales to non-profit organizations that support these goals.

Our Core Values

Community & Social Impact

Our commitment to community transcends mere transactions; it's about nurturing growth and enrichment on both local and global scales. We strive to empower our local community to thrive in their creative endeavors while also extending our dedication to the global community through our reforestation initiatives. By nurturing individual passions and caring for the environment, we foster a more connected and sustainable world for all.

Responsible Business

As a sustainable business, we uphold rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, as demonstrated by our B Corp certification and internal policies. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to minimize our reliance on fossil fuels and integrate natural materials and sustainable practices into our products whenever possible. Furthermore, we prioritize fostering a positive and secure workplace environment where employees are empowered to develop and expand their skills.

Design, Craft & Inovation

At the core of our business is innovation and creativity. We lead with design and prioritize our customers' needs in every aspect of our work. Continuously enhancing our products and customer experience is our ongoing commitment. Each of our hats reflects our dedication to durable, thoughtful, and timeless design. Our focus is on creating products that not only look good and serve a practical purpose but are also built to withstand all your adventures.

Authenticity & Storytelling

At our core, we maintain a genuine connection with our customers by focusing on our unique path and steering clear of trends and comparisons. Every decision we make aligns with our core values of quality, sustainability, and community impact. Our mission extends beyond commerce; it's about creating a culture that cares for our environment. Through positive storytelling, we inspire action while showcasing the natural world, encouraging people to cherish and protect it. We aim to serve as a constant reminder of our connection to the natural world and our responsibility to preserve it, fostering a community of environmental stewards who share our passion.